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Learning Trips

Learning trips are an integral part are of OLMSSS’ pedagogical framework; most of which are to science or science focused destinations in London. Since grants do not cover all expenditure incurred by these trips, a fee of £5 per child, per trip, must be paid by each family; at least two weeks before each trip.

Parents will be notified in writing well in advance of trip dates. See destinations below:

Parents will be notified by email and in writing well in advance of each trip date. See destinations below:


1. Thames boat trip

2. Natural History Museum

3. Science Museum

4. Sea Quarium Weston-Super-Mare

5. London Eye

6. The Houses of Parliament

7. 2012 Olympic Site

Packed Lunch

Parents must give their child/ren a light packed lunch to take on the trip.


Remember to inform us if your child/ren has allergies or an illness that might be affected by being on the trip.


Our Lady Mary Seacole
Mary Seacole was born in Kingston, Jamaica in 1805. Her father was a Scottish soldier, and her mother ran a boarding house where she cared for invalid soldiers and their wives. Mary learned medicine from her mother and gained reputation as a skilful nurse.

A born healer and a woman of driving energy, Mary overcame official indifference and prejudice. She found her way to the Crimean war (1853-1856) at her own expense; and risked her life to bring comfort to wounded and dying soldiers. Mary Seacole became the first Black woman to make her mark on British public life; but was relegated to obscurity until recently. Her reputation for service during the Crimean War rivaled Florence Nightingale's.

Courtesy of the National Library of Jamaica. www.nlj.org.jm


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