OLMSSS can setup a supplementary school where you wish!

And we can deliver on to one tuition at home.

Saturday Tuition School

Fee Paying Treats

  • One-to-one tutoring wipes out weaknesses.
  • Extra one-to-one tuition in Math English
  • Popular Dance (Hip Hop, West African Dances, Reggae, Calypso)
  • Classical Dance ( European and African/Caribbean Ballet)
  • Kiswahili, Akan, French and Spanish Languages
  • Caribbean Culture ( Jamaican, Trinidadian)


  • Educational tours

Class Sizes

  • Group (paid individual attention) class size: 5
  • Private tutorials: one-to-one
Limited places available: Book now! Payment by cheque only!
  • Hourly rate for private tuition = £40
  • Hourly private group rate (five per group) = £10

Session & Costs

Private tuition is readily available. It allows for greater focus per pupil and will be recommended in extraordinary cases such as where pupils have fallen badly behind or are exceptionally bright.

Private pupils will sit math and English assessments in the first two sessions, unless they are already enrolled in the Free School, where they will have already been assessed. Based on results, lesson plans will be drawn up focusing on weaknesses, knowledge gaps and/or strengths. Assessments will be base on the National Curriculum.

Each hourly session will then be dedicated to addressing weaknesses and filling knowledge gaps. Sessions will also be allocated to enhancing strengths.

Convenience Tuition
Arrangements can be made to teach fee paying pupils at home or other venues. Most academic subjects (English, maths, history, etc.) can be taught at home; but other subjects should be taught at appropriate venues or locations. 

Fee-paying Subjects available include:
  • English, maths and history
  • Cutting-edge dance moves
  • Languages

The Language Lab

The Language laboratory is a fee-paying facility. The lab aims to build on African, Caribbean and European language skills and offer learners insight into the culture and society of the countries where these languages originated.

The course will enable learners to effectively develop communication and study skills. The study of languages will enhance learners’ future employment prospects, as African, Caribbean and European languages are spoken in more than over 100 countries.

The Language Lab offers:
  1. Caribbean Languages (Jamaican, Trinidadian)
  2. African Languages (Kiswahili and Akan)
  3. European Languages (French & Spanish)
  4. Others by request

Dance Lab

Dance is not only a wonderful social skill to have. It is also a very healthy one. Children who are reluctant to do PE or sports, maybe interested in dance routines that keep them fit.

The Dance laboratory is a fee paying facility that provides unique popular dance. We are committed to teaching cutting-edge moves not taught any place else!

And we employ the best dance tutors from across the country; covering such styles as:

  • Hip Hop,
  • Reggae & Ragga,
  • Calypso,
  • Caribbean Ballet.

Fee Payment structure

Private Tuition

Fees are payable by parents who wish to make special arrangements with OLMSSS to have their child privately tutored.

Cost per session, per pupil= £40.

Group Tutorial

Hourly one- to-one tutorials are available in groups of five. This facility allows pupils to obtain special, prolonged attention focusing on shared weaknesses, knowledge gaps or strengths. It also allows group members to learn by sharing information, discussion and other intellectual development exercises.

Fee per pupil, per session is £10.

How to Pay

Payments must be made by cheque or Standing order only. We are not able to accept monthly payments; or any payments by cash.


Our Lady Mary Seacole
Mary Seacole was born in Kingston, Jamaica in 1805. Her father was a Scottish soldier, and her mother ran a boarding house where she cared for invalid soldiers and their wives. Mary learned medicine from her mother and gained reputation as a skilful nurse.

A born healer and a woman of driving energy, Mary overcame official indifference and prejudice. She found her way to the Crimean war (1853-1856) at her own expense; and risked her life to bring comfort to wounded and dying soldiers. Mary Seacole became the first Black woman to make her mark on British public life; but was relegated to obscurity until recently. Her reputation for service during the Crimean War rivaled Florence Nightingale's.

Courtesy of the National Library of Jamaica. www.nlj.org.jm


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